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Rodrigo Pérez Ortega   Este artículo se publicó originalmente en inglés en The Open Notebook el 13 de junio de 2017. Por Rodrigo Pérez Ortega. © The Open Notebook, Inc. La primera vez que Nick Mulcahy cubrió una conferencia científica, en 1998, se sintió como un pequeño bote bamboleándose en aguas picadas, sin brújula a bordo. Era una... more
Dolce Vita/Shutterstock   Este artículo se publicó originalmente en inglés en The Open Notebook el 24 de mayo de 2016. Por Christina Selby. © The Open Notebook, Inc. Cuando la periodista ambiental Hillary Rosner fue entrevistada para una beca del Knight Science Journalism Program del Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hace algunos años,... more
The Open Notebook ha publicado más de 350 artículos destinados a ayudar a los periodistas de ciencia a mejorar sus habilidades. Nuestros lectores provienen de casi todos los países del mundo e incluyen a miles de personas cuyo primer idioma es el español. Así que hoy estamos encantados de lanzar TON en Español, una colección de artículos... more
      Media Contacts Interested in talking with the peeple behind this confectionary event for a story? Sure, we’d love to talk about Peeps! Siri Carpenter: [email protected] Kate Ramsayer: [email protected] Helen Fields: [email protected] Schrodinger’s Peep. Rice CRISPR/Peep9. The first “Peep”... more
EddieHernandezPhotography/iStock   I have experience with standing out and feeling different. I’m a genderqueer person who is still figuring out what pronouns fit them best, a person with disabilities who is also a service dog handler, an agnostic child of a Southern Baptist preacher, a math lover, a science journalist living in an era in... more
jacoblund/iStock   Many science writing careers begin at the student-run newspapers and science magazines housed at universities and colleges. These independent newsrooms give aspiring science writers, majoring in any subject, the opportunity to gain skills, build confidence, and amass a portfolio of clips, while being protected from the... more
Paulynn/Istockphoto   All too often, freelance reporter Cheryl Wischhover gets press releases from beauty and wellness brands promoting new products with language that sounds convincing—but turns out to be bogus. A recent one announced a new line of products from a skincare brand and name-dropped the National Cancer Institute “without any... more
Colette CosnerBrooke Jarvis Picture this: You’re cruising a highway in, say, Wyoming, ogling the badlands and buttes, when it hits you—your windshield is clean. A decade ago, you recall, this same drive left your grille looking like a Jackson Pollock canvas, smeared and spattered with beetles, butterflies, and grasshoppers. Today, your windshield... more
Mark Hartman/ScienceLinkThis pattern is inspired by the work of artist Dr. Ester Mahlangu of the Ndebele nation in South Africa. Such vibrant Ndebele patterns can be seen on houses, clothing, and other surfaces in South Africa, and this particular piece has science imagery as way to express the growing interest in decolonizing science in Africa.... more
  Dear TON readers: We are thrilled to announce two exciting projects that will launch in 2019, made possible by the generosity of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The Burroughs Wellcome Fund has supported TON‘s early-career fellowship program since 2013. Collectively, our fellows have written... more