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Alexandra KrauseElaina Plott The biggest problem about climate change is, naturally, climate change. But the second biggest is that climate change has basically become boring. Not boring in substance, but in surfeit: There’s just too much of it to consume with nuance. Existential dread gets old. Ping-ponging between dire headline-grabbing... more
Science Storytellers   What happens if you ask a child, “Hey, do you want to talk to a scientist?” That question drove science writer Jennifer Cutraro to develop Science Storytellers, a public engagement program that aims to sit children down to interview scientists, just like professional journalists do—and then to share their science... more
Anna Barry-JesterChristie Aschwanden Christie Aschwanden thought writing a book about how the body recovers from exercise and builds resilience for further challenges should be easy. A former elite-level runner, cyclist, and skier herself, she understood all too well the challenges that recovery brings, and the tricks and tools that athletes use... more
Courtesy of Laura BeilLaura Beil   Medical reporter Laura Beil hoped at least a few people would listen to the podcast she had been working on for months in 2018. After all her hard work, she says, she just didn’t want it to be a flop. The podcast, Dr. Death, which has been downloaded more than 25 million times since it premiered in September... more
Amy Maxmen is a senior reporter at Nature, based in San Francisco. Follow her on Twitter @amymaxmen and Instagram @amaxmen. A selection of her stories on Ebola, evolution, machine learning, and much more are at   Courtesy of Amy MaxmenAmy Maxmen What I’m working on: Right now I’m working on two stories I reported... more
In 2017, Courtney Humphries received the David Perlman Award from the American Geophysical Union for a story that takes an in-depth look at the suburban forests surrounding Boston. Humphries has always been fascinated with urban ecology, and in 2015 she became an MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow to strengthen her background in this area. She... more
Courtesy of Morgan HeimMorgan Heim In 2012, photojournalist and filmmaker Morgan Heim came across a study in PLOS One about Pacific fishers—house cat–sized carnivores that live in old-growth forests in the mountains of Northern California—being exposed to rat poison in a place where they shouldn’t be: our national parks and forests. One of the... more
Illustration by Helen Fields   Welcome, ladies and gentlepeeps, to The World’s Finest (and Only … As Far as We Know) Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest! It’s time for science communication to meet sugary confection, for innovators in medicine to be immortalized in gelatin, for the thrill of discovery to be depicted all marshmallowy—it’s... more