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Eleven-year-old singer Jessica Hale is promoting awareness of sepsis, which mainly strikes the elderly. There’s no shortage of frightening news about healthy young people suddenly felled by sepsis, a condition in which the body’s immune system goes into overdrive in response to an infection. Never mind that most people who get sepsis... more
Congratulations to recipients of the ScienceWriters2018 travel grants. We're excited to welcome 35 travel fellows to Washington, D.C. in just a few weeks. Read more to meet the fellows.
A core value that medicine and journalism share is trust. In the increasingly complicated world of health care we often have no choice but to place our trust in medical professionals, researchers, hospitals, and state/federal agencies.  One could argue when that trust is violated — as highlighted in many of the stories featured below... more
For several years now, the term “low T” has been used to market testosterone to older men who are concerned about losing their sex drive. Critics say this marketing has convinced many men to take potentially risky drugs that they don’t need. Now CNN has come along to alert young men that perhaps they, too, should be worried... more
While Western audiences widely oppose the slaughter of wildlife and marketing of tusks, horns, and other body parts, polls show little shift in favor of conservation in Asia, Rachel Nuwer reports in Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking. Nuwer traveled to 12 countries to examine the illegal demand for wildlife and efforts underway... more
The health section of Newsweek kicked off the week letting readers know there are apparently foods in your kitchen that can cut your risk of dying by 18%, and cleansers under your sink that could make your kids overweight “by messing up their gut bacteria.” Here are the headlines — keeping in mind they are from a publication that... more
We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Science in Society Journalism Awards, sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers. Read more to meet the winners in six categories.
The new Apple Watch heart monitor dominated the health news cycle last week. If you were lucky and spent last week on a secluded beach with no internet access (a girl can dream), you might have missed the news that the new Apple Watch Series 4 includes an FDA-cleared heart monitor function with an electrocardiogram (ECG). Otherwise, you probably... more
Kat McGowan is a journalist and editor focused on medicine and science. As an editor, she currently works with Grist and Neo Life; her most recent bylines were for Popular Science, Mother Jones, Scientific American, and STAT. She was formerly a consulting editor at the autism science publication Spectrum, a special projects editor at Discover, and... more
Congratulations to Elaine Vitone on her winning piece, “Cut Off,” published in the summer 2017 issue of Pitt Medicine. Vitone is a senior editor at Pitt Med, the magazine of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Read more for details