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When the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued a statement recommending against prostate cancer screening in 2012, its guidance was met with often vituperative attacks from professional organizations and advocacy groups. The muted response to new recommendations released this past Tuesday supporting personalized decision... more
Sometimes a news report proclaims that a treatment or test has been found to be “just as good as” another one. But is that really the case? In medicine, a finding that one approach is just as effective as another is often the result of what’s known as a “non-inferiority trial.” Unlike more common and straightforward... more
“You are smarter than your data,” Judea Pearl and NASW member Dana Mackenzie assert in The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect. “Data do not understand causes and effects,” they say. “Humans do.” Their book explores recent developments in the science of causal inference that make such understanding possible. Member blog name: ... more
Should you donate to a friend’s or family member’s crowdfunding campaign to help pay for medical costs? A recent online crowdfunding campaign for a stem cell treatment. It may seem like an easy answer, but a new study indicates how thorny that decision can be — particularly when people seek money for unproven stem cell treatments... more
Something huge, expensive, arguably controversial and allegedly revolutionary happened on Sunday to modest fanfare. Three years after it was announced by President Barack Obama, the ambitious precision health initiative — now rebranded as the “All of Us” research program — was launched by the National Institutes of Health (... more
Becky Lang is executive editor of the Kalmbach Media Science Group and editor in chief of Discover magazine, where she’s worked since early 2013. She moved to the magazine world from newspapers after 11 years as the health/science/environment editor at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She’s been writing and editing as a job since high... more
We're excited to announce the creation of a new initiative with our colleagues at CASW, in consultation with the World Federation of Science Journalists. The WCSJ International Program Fund will strengthen training, networking, and knowledge-sharing among science journalists worldwide and is a direct outcome of our experience organizing WCSJ2017.... more
This is just one little story about one woman reacting to one magazine article that bothered her. But I think it’s important because it’s a window into the reactions that patients can have when they see stories about their condition.  And those reactions and deeply-felt frustrations may not come to the surface very often.  This one did... more
Are you a journalist who was stopped for extra border screening at any point in your career? Or whose device was searched at the U.S. border at any point in your career? CPJ and RSF, on behalf of the ACOS Alliance, have been working to understand the scope of the problems facing journalists entering and exiting the US border. We are also... more