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Max Ufberg is the digital director of Pacific Standard, where he oversees the magazine’s online editorial operations. He joined the magazine in 2015 and has since written about a range of topics including addiction, the alt-right, and Big Oil. Most of his time, of course, is spent editing, and he’s edited stories that have appeared in the... more
One of the joys of health care journalism is the breadth — and depth — of what we cover. The stories we’ve chosen below reflect that. They range from economics to ethics. From the art of healing to the art of dying. This is great writing. And we’re happy to acknowledge it. If you agree, pass it along. Kevin Lomangino |... more
Did you know you can get whiplash without even leaving your desk? Just read the headlines about the health effects of standing while you work. For a few years now we’ve been hearing claims about the health benefits of standing at your desk, while being warned that sitting too long can kill you. This week a tiny study reversed course,... more
Writers will soon be facing the deadline of IRS 1040 forms, an annual chore that is one of the few constants in our continually changing society. In recognition of that shared ordeal, here are some quotations (invariably negative; seldom positive) about America's tax system that bring to vibrant life a dry subject that has long been the source of... more
News outlets are trumpeting headlines about a diet that can supposedly improve the public’s mental health. Specifically, the low-sodium DASH diet — recommended by some health authorities to reduce high blood pressure — is claimed by many recent news stories to also reduce the risk of depression: ABC News: Popular diet doesn... more
The National Association of Science Writers is pleased to offer, for the second year, a fellowship for talented students and early-career science journalists undertaking summer science journalism internships. Article type: Grants & awardsArticle topic: NASW news
An estimated 60,000 or more chemicals on the market have never been safety tested. Many of the roughly 2,000 new chemicals introduced every year are used daily by the general public. New technologies, such as production of nanomaterials, may contaminate the environment in novel and unexpected ways. We often learn about toxicity of various... more
A Wall Street Journal story about a new drug that kills flu in a day certainly sounds exciting: “Japan has approved a drug that its maker says can kill the flu virus in 24 hours, advancing what health experts believe could be a breakthrough in the way the illness is treated,” The Journal reported. The story claims that the drug, named... more