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NASW's newly formed Governance Committee is looking for volunteers. The committee will work to ensure that the organization is effective, efficient, and performs to standards of due diligence. It will review the constitution and bylaws on a regular basis and recommend best practices. Article type: GovernanceArticle topic: NASW news
We often call out overly optimistic news coverage of drugs and devices. But information technology is another healthcare arena where uncritical media narratives can cause harm by raising false hopes and allowing costly and unproven investments to proceed without scrutiny. A case in point is the recent collapse of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s... more
Scientists and professionals at research institutions eager to inform the public about their work need to go where the readers or, increasingly, the viewers are. Instead of driving traffic to their websites, a panel of public information officers, editors, and journalists recommend creating science content specifically for use on Snapchat,... more
I had hoped it would be tongue-in-cheek, but Kaiser Health News and CNN very earnestly brought us a trend story this week on the apparent newfound epidemic of “post election stress disorder.” Hinging mostly on anecdotal statements and this November essay that ran in Psychology Today, the CNN story says “Mental health professionals around the... more
Just when you thought you had it covered with Facebook and Twitter comes news that the fastest growing social media network is now Instagram. Frances Caballo has some tips for writers on getting up to speed: "The easiest time to post is right after you take a picture or create one. You can also plan your posts. According to Later, a scheduling... more
A story made the U.K. news rounds this week that probably should have been relegated to the editing room floor: Putting cancer patients in hibernation could tackle tumors — New Scientist Doctors hope cancer could be CURED in just ten years by putting patients into ‘hibernation’ for just a week — The Sun Put patients in... more
The Craigslist founder talks to Ken Doctor about his foundation's plan to spend another $3.5 million on news and information philanthropy, on top of $2.5 million he's already committed to Wikipedia for an anti-harassment initiative and other uses, and to the Poynter Institute for an ethics chair: "This is the start. At this point, it’s incumbent... more
Step back. Breathe deeply. Join us in sucking in some recent research news coverage. Coughing on cacophony of coffee/caffeine news USA Today reported, “Caffeine may lead to a longer life.” Or, it may not, the story could just as easily–and accurately– have reported. Instead, it makes a leap to this news-you-can use... more
Late last November, something happened on Facebook that happens pretty much every day: An argument broke out over politics. In this particular case, the fight was between two former high-school friends who now live two thousand miles apart. Omar Halama, a state employee in New Mexico, had shared a post that claimed Donald Trump should have won... more
Cancer recurrence. Antibiotic resistance. Heart failure. Attractive lips. All have been the subject of recently published medical research–and subsequent news coverage. Yes, you read that right: The quest for attractive lips is on par with solving heart failure, at least when it comes to deserving a big splashy news release. That’s... more