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A Pfizer biopharmaceutical scientist reads a letter from the daughter of a woman with Parkinson’s disease. The very real tribulations of the mother, as described by the daughter, are heart-wrenching. The scientist is clearly affected by the real-world devastation of a disease he knows best through his laboratory work. And the effect on the... more
Steve Rotman/Flickr (CC BY NC-ND 2.0)   Welcome back for another installment of Ask TON. Here’s our latest question: My young science-writer friends recently disagreed over a question regarding embargoed studies. When seeking outside comment, some people send copies of embargoed studies to scientists in their initial email, while others will... more
On Friday October 6, shortly after our reviewers called its news release about a text messaging study “an exercise in spin,” George Washington University (GWU) withdrew that news release without explanation. The following week, apparently after careful consideration, the news release was re-issued with a one-word change to the original... more