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En junio de 2019, una periodista del New York Times tuiteó un gráfico viral sobre los altibajos de ser escritor. ¿Cómo pueden los periodistas científicos manejar mejor esas emociones y lidiar con frustraciones como el bloqueo del escritor y los comentarios negativos? Después de haber publicado un libro sobre el sesgo cognitivo y el error humano,... more
Arielle Duhaime-Ross is a podcast host and TV correspondent at VICE News. She hosts the investigative news podcast VICE News Reports, and reports on science, health, technology, and climate change for VICE. Before joining VICE, she was a podcast host at, where she covered technology. Her writing has appeared in The Verge, Quartz, The... more
For a large part of his life, J. B. S. Haldane was an unwavering devotee of the scientific method. Then, in 1948, as one of the foremost geneticists on the planet, Haldane was called upon to comment on a shaky Soviet scientist. In his decision, Haldane picked political loyalty over scientific integrity. Through this puncture, Subramanian peers... more
Maya Wei-Haas is a writer for National Geographic, where she writes about all things science, with a particular affection for rocks and reactions. Before that she was an assistant science editor for’s Smart News, which turns a Smithsonian lens on daily events. She began her career as a scientist, earning a PhD in environmental... more
The steps to becoming an editor may not seem clear, especially to the early-career writer. But while many people fall into an editing role, it can pay off to be proactive. Editing work can bump up a journalist’s pay and provide a route to career advances. Though paths to editing may not typically be linear, they often involve writers expressing... more
Muchos reporteros científicos se inician en otras áreas de cobertura periodística, incluidas el crimen, los negocios, la moda o la política. Pero la ciencia toca todos los aspectos de la vida, por lo que no es extraño que muchos de ellos digan que las habilidades que desarrollaron esas especializaciones los ha preparado mejor —y a veces los ha... more
Companies and institutions often use strategies to intimidate and discredit reporters after a hard-hitting piece is published. This is always stressful, but journalists who know what’s coming can prepare and protect themselves. The post How to Deal with Pushback on an Investigative Story appeared first on The Open Notebook.
Since the start of the pandemic, data journalists have had the difficult task of tracking massive amounts of inconsistent, ever-changing information around the coronavirus and wrangling it into visually appealing, digestible designs—on deadline. Here, four data journalists covering COVID-19 discuss the most challenging aspects of the gig and... more