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A video interview compels the subject to step into the spotlight and centers the distinct style that shapes how they express ideas. While the opportunity to capture this voice might be an exciting moment for a science writer, it can be downright terrifying for subjects unfamiliar with being on camera. For those interested in taking the leap into... more
सन्२०१८ मा वातावरण पत्रकार रमेश भुसालले वैज्ञानिकहरूको एक टोलीसित कर्णाली नदीको तिब्बतीय पठारमा रहेको शिरदेखि भारतमा गङ्गा नदीको दोभानसम्म यात्रा गरेका थिए । यात्राका क्रममा उनले जलवायु परिवर्तनका संकेतहरूबारे खोजी गरेका थिए र नदीको किनारमा बस्ने मानिसहरूसित कुराकानी गरेका थिए । यात्रको दौरान कहिलेकाँहि पत्रकारिताको नैतिकताका बारेमा समेत सोच्न... more
In 2018, environmental journalist Ramesh Bhushal joined scientists on a transborder expedition along the Karnali River, from its origin in Tibet to its confluence with the Ganges in India. Along the way, he looked for emergent signs of climate change, talked to the residents who live along the riverbanks, and at times walked a delicate tightrope... more
We could spend days extolling the peeptacular virtues of the marshmallow confections submitted to the second-annual World’s Finest Science-Themed Peeps Diorama Contest. Without further ado, we present the winners of #PeepYourScience 2020 The post Now Peep This! Announcing the Winners of #PeepYourScience 2020 appeared first on The Open Notebook.
  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused staggering loss of life and, over the course of just a few weeks, triggered an unprecedented global shutdown. The scale of the disaster and the astonishing pace of its […] The post COVID-19 Reporting Diaries: March 25–31, 2020 appeared first on The Open Notebook.
After some of her worst fears were realized, Eva Holland decided to reexamine her relationship with fear. In her first book, Nerve, she undertakes a journey through the science of how and why we get scared and what we can do about it. Here, she talks about weaving together a deeply personal narrative with hard science, experiential reporting, and... more
Jane Hirshfield, who has a long-standing interest in the intersection of literature and the sciences, is the author of 15 much-honored books, including her most recent, Ledger, published today. In this, her ninth collection of poetry, Hirshfield combines scientific precision and poetic vision to explore how human actions (and inactions)... more
La epidemia del coronavirus será una de las historias más urgentes, complejas y de rápido desarrollo de este año. Los periodistas que cubren este tema aprenden a evaluar la evidencia, descifrar la jerga y las estadísticas, encontrar expertos confiables y humanizar historias intimidantes. Aquí hay algunos consejos para tener en cuenta. The post... more
Priyanka Pulla has always been drawn to convoluted stories of disease investigations. So, when her editor at the Indian daily newspaper The Hindu asked her to report on the Nipah virus outbreak that had taken Kerala in India by surprise in 2018, she quickly dove into the scientific literature, following it up with a short three-day reporting trip... more
The coronavirus epidemic will be one of the most urgent, complex, and quickly moving stories of the year. Newsrooms that don’t already have health and science reporters should quickly build up a network of freelancers with experience covering infectious disease and designate a team internally to focus on this story and build their expertise. For... more