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When freelancer Douglas Fox examines his work in search of stories worth submitting to journalism competitions, he likes to focus on ones that left an impression on his own life. “When I’m thinking about what story to submit (or whether to even submit one at all), I’m really looking for what story had the biggest impact on me, through the process... more
Millions of feral cats are devastating Australia’s population of small mammals found only on the continent. To staunch sky-high extinction rates, the government has ordered a massive culling of the feline predators, to the dismay of cat lovers around the world. In her New York Times Magazine story, Jessica Camille Aguirre unpacks this polarizing... more
Let’s say you want to dip your toes into graphic journalism but are worried because you think you can’t draw. Luckily, making graphic journalism isn’t so much a test of your drawing abilities as it is about making words and images work together. You can begin illustrating even without an art background. Here are some strategies for getting... more