Council for the Advancement of Science Writing

The Patrusky Fund

In Honor of Ben Patrusky, CASW Executive Director 1988–2013

In November 2013, CASW's officers and directors announced the creation of a fund to honor and carry on the work of Ben Patrusky, who served as CASW's executive director for 24 years until his retirement Sept. 1, 2013. The fund will support the Patrusky Lecture and other CASW initiatives to enhance the public understanding of science. The fund was launched with $35,000 in contributions from a leadership group of Patrons and a larger Founders' Circle, including all members of the CASW Board of Directors.

At a retirement celebration in Gainesville, FL on November 2, 2013, Patrusky was also honored with spoken and written tributes and presentations. The inaugural Patrusky Lecture was presented by George M. Whitesides.

Contributions to the Patrusky Fund from friends and colleagues are welcomed. Like the Barbara K. Trevett Fund for the Future, the Patrusky Fund will be administered by the CASW Board for programs that allow CASW to work in a spirit of innovation and response to the needs and issues of the changing world of science communication.

To learn more about CASW and the donor process, please contact:

  Rosalind Reid
  Executive Director

Supporters of the Patrusky Fund include:

Patrusky Lecture Patrons

  • Alan Boyle*
  • American Chemical Society
  • Dennis Meredith
  • National Association of Science Writers
  • Cristine Russell*
  • Kenneth P. Trevett

Founders' Circle

  • Ruth Altman (Bishop)
  • Jim & Katy Barber
  • Emily Benedetto
  • Michael Benedetto
  • Susan Benedetto
  • Mark Bloom
  • Deborah Blum*
  • Philip Boffey
  • Matt Clark
  • Lewis* and Betty Cope
  • Barbara J. Culliton*
  • Tinsley Davis
  • Nancy & Harry de Waart
  • Ed & Phyllis Edelson
  • Tony Fitzpatrick
  • Lynne Friedmann
  • David Goslin
  • Richard Harris*
  • Brian Hayes
  • Fred & Susan Herzog
  • Maggie Koerth-Baker*
  • Warren Kornberg
  • Jared Lebow
  • Robin Lloyd*
  • Betsy Mason*
  • Alan H. McGowan
  • Sheila McKenna
  • Liz Levy & Marshall Marcovitz
  • Linda Meadows
  • Paul & Paulette Cooper Noble
  • Lynn Nystrom
  • Miles O'Brien*
  • Kari & Patrick Pagnano
  • Francine Pascal
  • David Perlman*
  • Charlie Petit*
  • Gale & Betsy Regier
  • Rosalind Reid
  • Joann E. Rodgers*
  • Eli M. Sadownick
  • Jack Schwartz
  • Mort Sheinman & Linda Amster
  • Tom Siegfried*
  • John Galbraith Simmons
  • Marty Weber, Weber Vandergriff & UBS Financial Services
  • Ron Winslow
  • Carl Zimmer*
*CASW officers and directors