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#ShutDownSTEM newsroom

On June 10, 2020, scientific and academic organizations across the US joined in an action called ShutDownSTEM—halting the business of science and mathematics to spend a day reflecting on systemic racism in science, considering how it can be eradicated in their institutions and societies, and amplifying the concerns of Black students and professionals.

CASW is pleased to join with our partner, ComSciCon, in sharing young scientist-writers' stories of the struggle. These stories, edited by CASW Executive Director Rosalind Reid and Maggie Koerth of the CASW board of directors, were written by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows reporting on ShutDownSTEM as experienced on their campuses. The writers have participated in recent ComSciCon workshops or will participate in ComSciCon-SciWri20, a virtual workshop that will take place in conjunction with the fall events planned by CASW and the National Association of Science Writers.

Special thanks to our ShutDownSTEM newsroom reporters: Candice Limper, Andy Sanchez, Janani Hariharan, and Ana Smaranda Sandu from Cornell University, and Alex Grizzell from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Newsroom articles

For scientists across the country, #ShutDownSTEM stirs a mix of emotions

by J. Alex Grizzell, Janani Hariharan, Candice Limper, and Andy Sanchez | For many academics, news of a one-day strike from labs and classrooms arrived just a day or two before the event itself—“... more

#ShutDownSTEM catalyzes discussions of race at CU Boulder

by J. Alex Grizzell | When word of the June 10 #ShutDownSTEM and #ShutDownAcademia strike day reached the University of Colorado, its flagship campus was already embroiled in anti-racism campaigns... more

At Cornell, a spotlight on biases and barriers in math

by Ana Smaranda Sandu | Mathematics is known as one of the most inaccessible disciplines in academia. A Google search for “mathematician” will likely turn up a white man, usually older,... more