New Horizons in Science

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New Horizons in Science 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009 to Tuesday, October 20, 2009

University of Texas


Austin, TX


The 2009 New Horizons in Science meeting, hosted by the University of Texas, was held in Austin Oct. 18-20. The meeting featured several field trips and presentations on human sexual behavior, alternative energy in Texas, accelerated evolution, the genetics of aging, and medical research conducted on the battlefield in Iraq, among many other topics.

An archived video stream from the meeting is now available here, courtesy of UT and Ustream.

New Horizons in Science was held in conjunction with the annual meeting and workshops of the National Association of Science Writers as part of ScienceWriters 2009.

Hosts & Sponsors: 





Hosts and Sponsors

The 2009 New Horizons in Science briefings were hosted by the University of Texas at Austin with support from UT Southwestern Medical Center and Life Technologies Corp. More information about our hosts can be found on the UT ScienceWriters 2009 website.


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