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New Horizons in Science speaker FAQ 2018

Speaker information for New Horizons in Science 2018


WHERE YOU WILL SPEAK: All sessions will take place on the campus of George Washington University in one of three locations, as follows:

  • Check-in desk for all speakers and attendees and Marvin Center Amphitheater: Third Floor, Cloyd Heck Marvin Center, 800 21st Street NW (21st and H)
  • Plenary sessions and some concurrent sessions: Lisner Auditorium, 730 21st Street NW
  • Additional sessions: Jack Morton Auditorium, 805 21st Street NW

At the check-in desk, please ask for Sylvia Kantor.


Washington Marriott Georgetown
1221 22nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20037




Travel problems? Last-minute emergencies? Call/text:

  • Ros Reid, 617-702-2798, or
  • Sylvia Kantor, 206-880-0177

Metro stop: Foggy Bottom

Expense reimbursement form (download from Dropbox if you do not see a file attachment link on this page)











WHEN TO ARRIVE: Note that your A/V setup time may be 80 minutes or more ahead of your session, depending on whether your session follows a break. We have scheduled setup times during breaks because we have back-to-back sessions. 



PRESENTER(S) location setup time SESSION TIME moderator a/v details
Chet Sherwood Lisner 8:25 am Sunday 10/14 8:45 am Sunday Ros Reid Speaker will provide presentation for remote projection. Requests presenter view at podium.
Terry Devitt, Paul Knoepfler, Marilynn Marchione, Peter Marks Lisner 8:30 am Sunday 10:05 am Sunday Ros Reid Panel. Presentations in three PPT files, emailed in advance for remote projection.
Akos Vertes Jack Morton 9:45 am Sunday 10:05 am Sunday Dan Vergano Bringing own laptop. Presentation includes videos.
Rick Wessels Lisner 11:10 am Sunday 11:30 Sunday Ros Reid TK
Mary Ellsberg Jack Morton 11:15 am Sunday 11:30 am Sunday Robin Lloyd TK
Shirley Tilghman Lisner 2:10 pm Sunday 2:30 pm Sunday Alan Boyle Bringing PPT on a thumb drive for remote projection.
Kathleen Hall Jamieson Jack Morton 3:45 pm Sunday 4:00 pm Sunday Cris Russell TK
Curt Suplee, Emily Edwards, Elizabeth Gibney, Christopher Monroe, Chad Orzel Marvin Center Amphitheater 3:45 pm Sunday 4:00 pm Sunday Alan Boyle Panel. Group is combining slides.
Lisa Bowleg Lisner 3:45 pm Sunday 4:00 pm Sunday Ros Reid TK
Chryssa Kouveliotou Jack Morton 8:15 am Monday 10/31 8:30 am Monday Alan Boyle TK
Cynthia Dwork Lisner 8:15 am Monday  8:30 am Monday TBD TK
Philip Fearnside Jack Morton 8:15 am Monday 9:35am Monday Ros Reid TK
Steve Luebkemann Lisner 8:15 am Monday 9:35 am Monday Betsy Mason TK
Jeffrey Kugler, Valerie Neal, Scott Pace, Harrison Schmitt Lisner 10:35 am Monday 10:50 am Monday Alan Boyle Panel. Video and image have been sent to Colin. Videographer: Dominic Mann.
Kevin Pelphrey Lisner 12:35 pm Monday 1:00 pm Monday Ros Reid TK
Philip Fearnside, Eduardo Franco Berton, Barbara Fraser, Sabrina McCormick Lisner 12:40 pm Monday 2:00 pm Monday Ros Reid Eduardo's slide presentation to be provided in advance
Sabrina McCormick Lisner 3:00 pm Monday 3:15 pm Monday Ros Reid TK
Ami Zota Lisner 3:00 pm Monday 4:05 pm Monday Ros Reid TK


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