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Clearing the air on global climate and greenhouse gases

Topic: Climate
Hong Kong air pollution
Monday, October 28, 2019 -
1:50pm to 2:50pm

As another presidential election approaches, it's unlikely that the debate about climate will remain on the back burner as it did in 2016. Rob Jackson's Global Carbon Project continuously synthesizes and analyzes data on what's happening with greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in order to recommend actions on climate. Jackson and colleagues are currently looking at options for removing and reducing both methane and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Other studies are assessing the connection between climate change and wildfires. Jackson is keenly interested in how a low-carbon economy might work, and the trade and ethical implications of proposed climate solutions. This session will aim to clear the air at a time when there's likely to be a fair amount of rhetorical fog choking the public debate over climate change.


Image: Edmond Yu


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