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Science + Science Writing: Science, climate change and the 2016 presidential election

Topic: Science Policy
Monday, October 31, 2016 -
1:15pm to 2:30pm
Iberian, Omni la Mansión

ScienceWriters2016 will wrap just a week before the US presidential election. For the first time, climate change—and the divide between the two parties and their candidates—has emerged as a top-level issue in the national campaign.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party platform have embraced Obama administration initiatives and made climate change action a domestic and foreign policy priority. Donald Trump and the Republican platform have taken the opposite stance, denying both climate science and the need for governmental interventions to help curb it. How important are climate and energy problems to American voters? How will pro- and anti-science rhetoric affect the presidential and congressional elections? This session will assess the role of science in the 2016 elections, the political coverage, and the challenges for science journalists at the end of a fireworks-filled campaign season.

(Expert panelists not yet confirmed.)

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