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The following post is written by Michael Schulson and was originally published on Undark. We are reposting it with permission because we think it does an excellent job of summarizing what does, what many health care journalists thought about our work, and why our work will be missed when we close at the end of 2018. The... more
On Jan. 13, nearly 100 science communicators packed into Huston-Tillotson University's science building, in Austin, Tex., for the first-ever SciComm South Conference; an afternoon of networking, learning, and fun. Article type: ScienceWriters magazineArticle topic: Science writing news
A study published in the journal Obesity made headlines this week for suggesting that body positivity — a social movement encouraging acceptance of all body types — is putting people at risk of poor health outcomes. It’s the kind of counter-intuitive claim that is likely to generate clicks. Could a movement meant to lift people... more
By the start of the 20th century, near disappearance of beavers from the U.S. at the hands of trappers made wetlands and meadows dry up, hastened erosion, altered streams, and harmed fish, fowl, and amphibians. Beavers’ recent resurgence, a wildlife success story, offers many environmental benefits, Ben Goldfarb asserts in Eager: The Surprising,... more
In the last year, surveys have revealed that members are interested in more, and better, digital communications. We’re excited to announce several new initiatives, including a brand new website, to help fulfill these desires. Read on for more.
Becca BresslerDylan Keefer, director of sound design, mixing audio for Radiolab.   Confusing jargon, complicated methodologies, and nuances of statistical interpretation aren’t the typical ingredients for a gripping story. But they are for science journalists, who often need to bring dense or esoteric topics to life for nonspecialist... more
Houston Chronicle reporter Craig Hlavaty opens a vein. Houston Chronicle reporter Craig Hlavaty recently treated readers to a first-person account of getting an intravenous (IV) vitamin infusion inside a van parked outside his house. The article, “Feeling the drip, drip, drip of the mobile IV craze,” related how a needle was inserted... more
Sarepta stock (SRPT) price spike coincides with last Monday morning’s investor event. Biotech investor magazines and websites were buzzing last week over the news that Boston-based Sarepta Pharmaceuticals released preliminary findings of an experimental gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Various analysts dubbed it “... more
Celebrity news about health care choices is often fraught with misinformation. Celebrity news about screening tests may be the leading category of such misinformation. Titillating tidbits about the stars, but there’s potential harm if the take-home message to readers is “Gee, maybe you should do what these smart, rich people are doing... more
Hardly a day goes by without some media outlet making an impressive-sounding claim about the accuracy of a new medical test. “Prostate cancer breakthrough as UK team develops more accurate test“ “New Breath and Urine Tests May Detect Early Breast Cancer More Accurately” “Portable device detects severe stroke in... more