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Mon, 11/05/2018 Winners of the Science in Society Journalism Awards and this year's new Excellence in Institutional Writing Award, the annual NASW membership report, and an inside look at the revamped Science News. Full text visible only to NASW members.
Click here to read more stories about real people harmed by misleading messages, or share your own story. An important paper, “Reporting harms more transparently in trials of cancer drugs,” was published in The BMJ last week. Some excerpts follow, but also additional thoughts about how journalism and public relations (which sometimes... more
In 1680, an English pirate captured a Spanish ship near Panama, neglecting a trove of unrefined silver but seizing an atlas of Pacific Ocean sailing charts and maps. On receiving it, King Charles II of England made him a captain in the Royal Navy. Betsy Mason and Greg Miller recount this and dozens of other fascinating tales in... more
Kevin Lomangino Today is Managing Editor Kevin Lomangino’s final day with, marking the beginning of the end for our project, which comes to a close in December. Besides Publisher Gary Schwitzer, nobody has had a bigger impact on the site than Kevin, who has written or edited thousands of reviews and blog posts since he joined... more
During the recent ScienceWriters meeting, the winner of a very special annual award was announced. NASW depends on volunteers for just about everything that happens in this organization, with thousands of hours contributed annually.
A New York Times column on Monday bemoaned the sorry state of much nutrition research, saying it’s too often poorly designed and riddled with conflicts of interest. The headline: Confused by Nutrition Research? Sloppy Science May Be to Blame Written by longtime “Personal Health” columnist Jane Brody, the piece is based on a new... more
A British breast cancer awareness group made news by announcing it developed a free app for Amazon’s Alexa virtual voice assistant called “Taking care of your breasts.” A description of the app, available in the U.K., states: “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. The lifetime risk of a woman developing breast... more
Taylor WeidmanWudan Yan wading through what remains of a mangrove forest in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady Delta in Oct 2015.   When freelance journalist Sophie Yeo headed into the Amazon to report for The Guardian on river dolphins last November, the challenges she faced were many and varied. For starters, her destination was a 15-hour boat ride... more
The University of California at Davis (UC Davis) has partnered with the Washington Post (WaPo) to publish an article in which a significant conflict of interest is not disclosed, and where claims of major health benefits aren’t supported by adequate evidence. The article — ‘Moringa, the next superfood‘ — was... more