CASW offers new online mini-course starting Sep 21

CASW is pleased to announce a new online mini-course, with an in-person concluding workshop, to help journalists accurately interpret scientific evidence for their audiences. We’re recruiting a small group to participate in a pilot over the next month.

In the mini-course, “Asking Questions About Data,” Regina Nuzzo and Kristin Sainani will use examples drawn from recent news stories and current studies to help you recognize flaws and limitations in published studies, from poor study design and data collection to outright errors and fraud. They will provide “gut checks”—ways to recognize data that don’t make sense and decide whether to cover a study—and help you come up with good questions for researchers and external sources.

We’re looking for a small group to complete four video classes, each a podcast-style discussion of four case studies, then join Dr. Nuzzo for an in-person workshop Oct. 21 ahead of the ScienceWriters2022 conference in Memphis. A few online-only students will also be admitted. You’ll help us evaluate this approach as we plan a 12-part course on interrogating and communicating research data and statistics. Big thanks to the Kavli Foundation for funding this pilot!

Download the course description here.

Interested? Use this form to sign up or ask questions.