Now online: Connector pitching tipsheet

In the second Connector Chat, panelists (clockwise from top left) Robin Lloyd, Victoria Jaggard, Esther Landhuis, and Debbie Ponchner gave advice on crafting and landing science story pitches.

CASW kicked off 2024 with its second Connector Chat, a live conversation that aimed to help participants hone their skills at pitching science stories to editors. During the hour-long session, panelists and participants shared resources and took collaborative notes, which are now available as a tipsheet on the Connector website. A full video recording of the event is available on CASW’s YouTube channel.

The conversation, moderated by Connector managing editor Kate Travis, featured Robin Lloyd, freelance writer and editor, CASW president, and creator and curator of Science media outlets to pitch; Victoria Jaggard, deputy editor, health and science, The Washington Post; Esther Landhuis, freelance science and health journalist; and Debbie Ponchner, editor of Knowable en español and a CASW board member. Lloyd also served as a guest curator for the event. The resources she collected are included in the tipsheet.

Connector is CASW’s library of resources for science journalism and communication. It was launched in 2023 with support from Schmidt Futures and the Rita Allen Foundation. Sign up for the Connector newsletter to stay up to date with new Connector resources and events, including future Connector Chats.