The Barbara K. Trevett Fund for the Future

In honor of Barbara K. Trevett (1944-2013)


CASW established the Barbara K. Trevett Fund for the Future in 2012 in recognition of her decades-long, unswerving devotion to the science writing community, as a distinguished public affairs specialist for several leading academic research institutions.

“Barbara was a remarkable person—a woman of ferocious integrity, spirited, exceptionally intelligent, open-hearted, and empathetic as all get-out, with an uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of others, which she went out of her way to satisfy, always,“ said Ben Patrusky, CASW Executive Director Emeritus. “The moment you met her, greeted by that radiant, enveloping, welcoming smile of hers, you instantly knew you were in the presence of someone altogether special. She will be sorely missed.”

For a good portion of her illustrious career, Barbara Trevett served as head of public affairs at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, a position that brought her into contact with many of the nation’s science and medical reporters, who became beneficiaries of her untiring labors. Her dedication to reporters was most in evidence when, with an assist from longtime CASW board member Joann Rodgers, she organized and managed Press Week, a major platform for dissemination of seminal advances in mammalian genetics and molecular biology still held annually in conjunction with the Lab’s Genetics Short Course. She subsequently went on to manage public affairs at the Boston Medical Center with that same level of dedication and skill. In 1995 she became a founding member of the Boston-based firm, Medical Science Associates, where among other responsibilities she orchestrated press seminars for several academic institutions, including Harvard Medical School. Barbara is survived by her husband, Kenneth P. Trevett, a member of CASW’s board.

Perhaps her greatest service to CASW was to envision and help recruit a panel of National Advisors, distinguished individuals who volunteered to raise awareness of CASW, particularly among key decision-makers in the science, health and technology sectors, and to translate that increased awareness into support for the CASW mission.

Contributions to the Barbara K. Trevett Fund for the Future can be made online or mailed to CASW, P.O. 17337, Seattle, WA 98127.

Like the Patrusky Fund, Barbara K. Trevett Fund for the Future is administered by the CASW Board for programs that allow CASW to work in a spirit of innovation and response to the needs and issues of the changing world of science communication.