Ken Trevett

Board Member

Kenneth P. Trevett stepped down in 2014 as president of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, formerly the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, in San Antonio, Texas, a position he had held since 2008. Trevett has worked as a senior manager/administrator and legal counsel in biomedical research/education/clinical service institutions for 31 years, all but three of which have been with independent, not-for-profit research organizations such as TBRI. He was a co-founder in 2012 of the Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio, a collaborative initiative of four research institutions in the city. He served as president of the Association of Independent Research Institutes (a volunteer position) from 1993 to 1995. Trevett has negotiated hundreds of agreements involving technology transfer between industrial and academic organizations and has lectured and consulted widely in this field. He has overseen several scientific misconduct investigations and has handled a variety of patient care issues involving such matters as right to treatment and the right to refuse treatment. From 1997 to 2001, Trevett was an adjunct faculty member of the Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA, where he earned his law degree after completing undergraduate studies at Colgate University.