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The New Horizons Newsroom presents coverage of CASW's New Horizons in Science by journalism students and CASW's traveling fellows. The Newsroom was launched with the 2013 conference in Gainesville, FL. This page presents stories and curations of social media posts from the presentations Nov. 3 and 4.

Special thanks to the volunteer Newsroom editors and mentors who helped student writers learn firsthand about science reporting: Charlie Petit, chief editor; Rebecca Boyle, Wayt Gibbs, Robin Lloyd, A'ndrea Messer, Steve Orlando, Wynne Parry, Kendall Powell, Czerne Reid and Joann Rodgers.

Man's best friend once vermin?

by Zack Peterson | They’ve come to be man’s best friend, but Clive D. L. Wynne, professor of psychology at Arizona State University, believes dogs originated from vermin.“In fact,” added Wynne,... more

Curated coverage of "The Future of Spaceflight"

by Amanda Mascarelli, CASW Traveling Fellow |A Storify curation of social-media coverage of George T. Whitesides' New Horizons in Science presentation on November 3, 2013 Amanda Mascarelli organized... more

Microbial answers blowin’ in the wind

by Nathalie McCrate | Globe-trotting dust storms on Earth not only carry microbes from continent to continent, they even provide clues to the ability of life to survive on Mars, says an... more

Flights to space for tourists likely by next year

by Meghan Pryce | Space tourism venture Virgin Galactic has secured more than 650 customers and $130 million in revenue, the company’s chief executive officer told a group of science writers Nov. 3.... more

Dogs may hold key to human cancers

by Zack Peterson | The keys to unlocking some of nature’s most intriguing puzzles about cancer may have been walking beside humans for years.Because of genetic similarities that make them more... more

Rock weathering may provide clues to long-term stability of the planet's ice sheet

by Elly Ayres | Studying how rock weathering in Greenland changed as the ice sheet grew may answer questions about the ice’s long-term stability and the global carbon cycle, according to a University... more

Junkyard dog not such a new idea

by Andrew Kays | Throw out your preconceptions about your playful pup's oldest ancestors. They were parasites.That is what Clive D. L. Wynne, former University of Florida psychology professor and... more

Scenic suborbital views coming soon to the wealthy near you

by Jesse Mixson | Commercial spaceflight may get off the ground with paying passengers as soon as next year.So hopes George T. Whitesides, CEO and president of Virgin Galactic, who shared the company... more

Curated coverage of "I Don't Feel Your Pain"

by Amanda Mascarelli, CASW Traveling Fellow | A Storify curation of social-media coverage of Linda Bartoshuk's New Horizons in Science presentation on November 4, 2013 Amanda Mascarelli gathered... more

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