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Stories from New Horizons in Science 2018


The New Horizons Newsroom presents coverage of CASW's New Horizons in Science briefings by student writers and New Horizons Traveling Fellows. The Newsroom was launched with the 2013 conference.

This page presents stories written by Carol Lawrence, Jackie Rocheleau and Greer Russell, CASW-supported Traveling Fellows attending the 2018 presentation of New Horizons in Science, which took place at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., as part of the ScienceWriters2018 conference.

Newsroom 2018

Autism in girls: Pelphrey calls for targeted research

by Greer Russell | Scientists and clinicians have worked hard to understand autism in recent years, says neuroscientist Kevin Pelphrey. But most of their hard-won knowledge turns out to be limited in... more

Science, activism and domestic violence: A Nicaraguan story

by Jackie Rocheleau | When Mary Ellsberg and other women’s activists in Nicaragua drafted a law prohibiting domestic violence, the politicians “pretty much laughed in our faces,” she told attendees... more

The Amazon: Urgent stories, told at a risk

by Carol Lawrence | Painting the picture of Brazil’s vulnerable Amazon region continues to be complex, contentious and even downright dangerous for journalists and others.During the CASW New Horizons... more

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